Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Hokey Pokey to see changes made by heat.

Each student chose to be in a group to make hokey pokey. We measured, mixed, heated, observed changes and waited for it to cool, then we ATE it- yum. The hokey pokey was crunchy, tasty and some was even chewy. We all used the same recipe but found that every batch of hokey pokey turned out differently. We all took a piece home. It was a great FUN DAY FRIDAY!


We have been looking at patterns and algebraic equations. This was the starting point for our new learning. Have a look and see if we understand algebra.

How we learn in Room 10

We have been looking at writing explanations. We have found out How to make hokey pokey ! YUM! We have found out how to load an app on to an iPad, thanks to Oscar's amazing explanation. We have found out how to drive a motor bike and even a tractor! There is a whole range of other cool things Year 3 children in Room 10can explain how to do... Just ask them!
Here is how we like to learn in pictures! We explore, we read about it, we get fit and active everyday, we have learning buddies, we share our learning and knowledge in front of others, we learn new things from others like the Woodford girls who took us for Sports skills, we work on our own ( that's Charlie K being an independent learner! ) and we collaborate in groups. WE LOVE LEARNING!

CHANGES of a different kind!

In the last week of term, our class visited Room 14. They had an incubator in their room and they had been keeping chicken and duck eggs warm for three weeks. It takes 21 days for a chick to hatch.this was good maths for us to work out how many weeks that was. We skip counted in 7s and some people knew 7 x 3 = 21. They 'candled' the eggs and that showed them the baby chicks through the shell. You hold a bright torch light up to the egg in a dark space to do this. We saw the baby chicks and when they were big enough to hold, we held them. All you could hear was "Cheep, cheep, cheep!" We loved this experience. We knew we had to be gentle and quiet to keep the chicks safe. It was really amazing to see the different colourings of the chicks. We saw a poster showing the stages of how a chicken hatches. It was a flow diagram. We had been learning about flow diagrams in class.

Individual Investigation Presentations

In Year 3 at Havelock North Primary, we are good at sharing our learning with others. So, in Room 10, we did a science project all on our own ( well, some Mum and Dads helped a bit because that was okay!). We had a week of sharing and WOW, did we learn new stuff about changes of state. It was cool watching everyone's investigation. Some people had posters, some had power points and some even Did the experiment right in front of us!
We loved it. Here are some of the different ones. The best part was finding out what the science was behind the experiment. We got very good at explaining HOW it happened and sharing our new learning.