Friday, April 8, 2016

ANZAC activities with our buddy class

On the last day of term one, Room 12 worked with Room 16 and 17 children. 
First we shared our treasure maps and directions. They loved them!
Next we listened to a story called The Batman and the Soldier read by Mrs Whitfield. While we heard that story, Mrs Field worked with small groups of buddies to create a wreath of poppies. The Year 4 students made the flowers from egg cartons and painted them. They cut out leaves from green paper and used a green plastic plate for the frame. Each group used hot glue to build the wreath. 
As people had their turn, they moved off and cut out their own poppy shape and created their own poppy to wear with the help of Mrs Watson, Mrs Whitfield and Val.
We had so much fun and loved working together. 
Room 12 decided to give the wreath to our buddy class to keep. We felt so proud and they were very happy when we presented it to them! 

Boys bananagrams

            Jacob, Hugo and Benjamin built the bananagrams and all the words were places in the world .  We did New Zealand, Europe , Greenland , Austria and many more.Here are some pictures taken by George.