Saturday, April 12, 2014

HNP representatives at the Hawkes Bay Interschool Duathlon

Room 10 were lucky enough to have five competitors representing Year 3 at the recent Hawkes Bay Interschool Duathlon Championships at Frimley Park.
Our school did really well. The Year 6 teams and individuals all won their races in fantastic times. They used the Hawkes Bay Multisports timing system.
Charlie K was second in the Year 3 individual race. He ran really fast in the first part and was the leader on the bike. He was overtaken in the last section of the second 300m run. Well done Charlie!
Our boys' team was William, Luke and Lauhlan, all from Room 10. These boys gave their very best and were rewarded with first place in the team event for Year 3.
The Year 3 girls' team were also winners of their event. This team was Priya, Stephanie and from our room, Kiera. 
The students were such great athletes and sporting ambassadors for our school, many people commented on this. A wonderful surprise was Easter eggs for all the competitors and a lovely card from Charlie's Nana. She was so impressed with how our Year 6 students looked after the Year 3s, she wrote to Mrs Field and Mr Bremer! How kind! Thank you for the Easter eggs!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Making an aquarium

 This is Kiera and Evie's aquarium. We made this on Friday in choosing time. 
We are going to the real aquarium on camp on Monday 14th April.
First we got some blocks, then we got the animals. Then bit by  bit we made more. We used penguins, seals, dolphins ,starfish,octopus,crocodiles, swordfish, hammerhead sharks,whales, elephants, dinosaurs and sheep. By Kiera and Evie 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Creating and designing treasure maps

In Maths, we have been learning about geometry -position and orientation. We know about N, S, E and W and co-ordinates on maps. We played battleships one day and listened to instructions to put things on the right place on our own map.
Mrs Field asked us if we wanted to design our own maps and we said, " YES please! "
Here are some of them at stage one - Map completed. Next we wrote directions for people to follow to find the treasure. We published them. Our maps had the edges burned and we made grids on the maps. Some people chose to scrunch their map up to make it look old. At the end,  we used a coloured page for the background and joined the map to the directions. They look really cool. Now we can try out other people's maps in class time to find the treasure.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bridge construction

Our class read a shared book about The Impossible Bridge. We wondered if we could make some of those bridges ourselves so WE DID! One Friday afternoon we had a choosing time to work with a friend from our class or from Room 7. Our job was to create a bridge that could hold a matchbox car. We learnt about arch bridges, suspension bridges, and worked hard to try out our bridges and then modify our attempts. 

Learning Buddies

In Room 10, we have learning buddies. Each week we change with whom we share our learning and give feedback. We are learning to use the success criteria to help make comments about whether we have met the learning intention. We have a chart that helps us with sentence starters when giving feedback. Here are some buddies giving and getting feedback on their written language.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Co operative art with colour blending

In class we learned how to blend colours and create flower designs. We had a go at doing our own designs. Next week we are making the same designs but we are going to work together and create a group piece of art with flowers joining other people's flowers. We know how to hold a paint brush and how to load up the brush with paint.

News sharing

Each day we have news. Sometimes it is donut shape news and a person gets to pick a topic from the freely bag. We swap partners and move clockwise and anti clockwise. Other times people share about something interesting they have done or know about. Angus shared about his crystals. Charlie shared about his adventures going rabbit hunting in Wanganui. Tamsen shared about making a wooden penguin at funk to junk class. When we shared news about something special to me, Claudia shared her Nana with us! 

Making shortbread in Friday choosing time

Our class was learning about the blend 'sh' and we tried to think of as many words that started with that blend. We were also learning how to follow instructions and so we decided to make shortbread. We used Mrs Field's recipe from her Nana. We had different girl and boy groupS. It was fun mixing the ingredients and rolling out the dough. We ate some before it was cooked and it was delicious. We used cutters and made some stars, moons, love hearts, penguins, dolphins and people. We put the dough on trays and cooked them in the kitchen oven in the hall. After lunch they were ready to eat. We gave some to Mr Bremer and Mr Gray and Pete. They all loved the shortbread. Caitlin's mum helped us make them. Thank you Carina and Mrs Field!! Shhh! Listen to us crunching on shortbread. Mmmm!

Planting in the garden at school

Mrs Field got us some free plants from Planters Nursery so we could look after them and watch them grow. We had snow peas, spinach, lettuce and flowers in little punnets. The garden we used was beside Room 21. We had to water the soil and use the garden tools to loosen up the soil. We all had turns to make the soil wet enough to plant the plants. We worked in pairs and discovered that we could plant 5 rows of 5 plants in the area we had. This was the introduction to our Maths on AREA and perimeter. We make a little hole and placed the plants carefully into the hole. We pushed the soil around the plant and the gave it a little drink of water. It was really good fun to make a garden. 
To grow, the plants need water, sunlight and food from the soil. Bruno and Charlie R. We're very good at remembering to water the plants each week. Some of them died but Mrs Field replaced those ones and they looked really good. Our class wrote thank you letters to the garden centre for the lovely plants.