Friday, May 29, 2015

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Room 5 had a lesson about touch that we like including back rubs, hand shakes, hair tussle and hugs! We talked about how those things are used to comfort us, make us feel happy and show us that people care about us. We also talked about the touch that we do not like that hurts us and makes us sad. Things people said were pinching, kicking, slapping, biting and a huge range of not very nice things we don't want to happen to us.
We discussed strategies to deal with these situations we might find ourselves in at school, playgrounds, sports fields or at home. We now know what to say and do if we do not feel safe or comfortable. We finished the day with a sharing caring circle and a group back rub and rest! It was great fun - just like in the book At The End Of The Day!
On Thursday we had a lesson with Constable Chris about inappropriate touch. She used some story boards that had different situations for us to discuss. We learnt what to say and do and who to talk to and go to for help. Mrs Field and Constable Chris said we were very sensible when we talked about this topic.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Our special rewards scheme

Mrs Field is impressed with our thinking and questioning and sometimes, our listening. We have special paua cards that we get if we are amazing. We can earn more than one a day but we can also lose one if something isn't great.😳
We keep our paua cards in a net and once we have caught them all, we have reached our quota for a reward. We are working on what this will look like and have a few ideas like a game outside, movie time, popcorn, baking, craft hour... 
Last Friday we gained the final card to get our reward... We will find out what it is on Wednesday.
It is movie time! The class voted and this was the most popular choice. We will do finishing off work and reading and maths testing while the movie is on!

Algebraic patterning, arrays and quick images

We created our own patterns using m&ms in Maths. Each group had a random number to work with. We decided to put our m&ms into groups of the same number and then created a pattern. Every group selected a different number and then we talked about how we could work out the total. There were SO many different ways to work things out! We now know about additive thinking (5+5+5+5) and multiplicative thinking (4 groups or sets of 5) 4 x 5. We even ate some afterwards😉😃
Now we are thinking about what strategy to use to solve different problems using the knowledge we already have.