Friday, February 26, 2016

How many rows of chocolate are hidden?

The picture showed two rows of chocolate with 4 squares in each row. There were 40 squares in total. The problem was to solve how many rows were hidden still.
We learned about area and had to use our basic facts knowledge to solve the problem.

Measuring accurately to make 1 metre lengths if string

In Maths we were given a piece of brown twine. Mrs  Field asked us to use our 30cm rulers to measure and cut the twine into 1 metre and a bit left over. We had to work it out by ourselves and show how we added the measurements together. We all had a chance to check how close we were to a metre and Hunter was the closest with 1.02m. It was interesting to see all the different ways of getting to 1metre. 30+30+30+10 =100 was a common way to solve it. We also had 30+ 20 = 50 then fold it in half and double it. 

Collaborative learning with skeletons

Our focus blend was "sk" in the first week. We completed a group activity where everyone had to cut out and join the skeleton bones with split pins. It needed to be completed accurately. It involved taking turns, having different roles like helping, cutting, poking through the brass split pins and making a name tag. We all had different ways of going about it. Some people started at the head, others began with the feet and legs. It showed us that there are many ways to reach the end result and by helping each other, it is easier.

Giving instructions and listening

To be a more effective learner we found out that we had to listen well and give clear instructions. Mrs. Field gave us two pipe cleaners and we had to go back to back with a partner. Next we gave instructions on what shape our partner was to create. We both made them and compared our final results. It was great fun! Simple clear instructions were best!

Measuring around the school

Room 12 were using 1 metre straws to find things greater than a metre and less than a metre in the playground. We worked in pairs and had a great time finding different things like the steps up to the fort in the senior playground.

"Did you ever" writing

We studied a poem written by a school aged student and created our own. Here is the model we used and some of our own. It was great to read all the different ideas.