Monday, June 29, 2015

Book character dress up day

We had all sorts of characters in room 5 on Friday. We dressed up as a book character for Mr Bremer since he is leaving and he loves to dress up. Here is our class. We had a scary looking rabbit that Mrs Field said was the Velveteen Rabbit. It was seen together with Catwoman. What an interesting story that would be! There was also a very cute rabbit, Pirates, Little red riding hood, Pippi Longstockings, ace on, Harry Potter characters, Alice and many more.
As part of the fun day, we made gingerbread men ... And ate them just like the fox In the story! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yesterday we looked at collecting data and using our findings to form general statements about the topic. We had to choose the type of ice cream cone or holder - waffle cone, wafer cone or a plastic cup. Next we had to select a flavour from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or another flavour. Lastly we had to choose a topping - hundreds and thousands, chocolate dip or a cherry. We put our names on paper and placed them in a hoop shape on the ground.( like a Venn diagram). We made it more complicated by putting more information together at once. 
We had some great discussion and used statements like" more people like chocolate topping than cherries or hundreds and thousands" and " the least popular holder is the plastic cup. Most people want a waffle cone".
This was called the Ice cream van glyph activity. Tomorrow we will use this information to make our own graphs and interpret them.

Harold and the Life Education truck

The Yesterday we visited the Life Ed classroom parked down by Room 14. We are learning about what our body needs to be healthy and the different foods we eat.
Harold thought we were pretty clever to know about nutrients and different food groups in the food pyramid. We each received a booklet with information about our digestive system and where the food goes!
Our next session is Monday next week. We are looking at what goes into our food by reading the packaging.

Measurement - weight and capacity

We looked closely at a whole lot of grocery items that Mrs Field brought in to class. The packaging had the weight written on the side. Some of the grocery weights were hard to find and read.
We made our own shopping list and added the weights together. We each gave our shop a name.
Then we had to order the items from heaviest to lightest. Some things were more than a kilogram (1.2 kgs) so we changed those ones into grams (1200 grams).
Here is us in action.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Art about Maori gods

The We have been reading myths and legends in class. Some of our art work has related to this. We each chose one God to draw and create designs and symbols that represented them. Some chose Tangaroa - God of the sea, Tawhirimatea - God of the wind, Tumataenga -God of war, and others too. Here is our work. We are very proud of it.