Saturday, March 19, 2016

Buddy class time

Today our Room 16 buddies visited our classroom.  We shared some of our writing with them and they brought their poetry books for us to hear them read and see their illustrations. 
We did flax weaving and played with all the fun things in our room.
It was great with our buddies. I wonder what we will do next time with them...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Triathlon at HNPS

Last week we practised for our school triathlon. Austin demonstrated the swim for us. Some Year 6 students helped act as marshals on the course. 
On Monday 7th March, we actually competed in it! We had teams and then some people did the Individual event. First you had to swim one length of the big pool, get out and dive into the diving well. you had to swim across the dive pool and get out. Next you had to run out of the pool area and down the slope to the transition area, tag the cyclist for them to take over. They cycled two laps of the domain and dismounted from their bike. They ran with jelly legs to the transition zone and tagged the runner. They ran one lap of the domain and finished up the finishing chute. We had great fun cheering for the competitors! We waited in the shade of the trees and saw all the races. Some year 3 classes came down and watched us. That was cool. We loved hearing all the cheering for us when we raced. Back at school we had some quiet time and recovered from our busy morning. Later we had to write a recount about My Greatest Moment!

The BIGGEST Cake in the World!

Cordayne has been reading the book, The Biggest Cake in the World. He can retell the story and put the story pictures and text in sequence. 
On Friday he made the biggest cake in Room 12! He chose Belle and Lucas to help him make it with our Teacher Aide, Victoria. He shared it with all the class. It was delicious!