Saturday, September 26, 2015

Year 3s on Camp

It was SOOOO exciting and a bit scary at the same time! Room 8 and all the Year 3s from our class went back to school at 4pm on Monday 14th September. We had a sleepover at the Aquarium with the theme of PIRATES! We had a lesson about the Rocky Shore run by Carol from the Aquarium, pirate hat making and walking the plank, Burger Fuel burgers and chips for dinner, a scavenger hunt for cryptic pirate clues and we finished the day with a  night tour of the aquarium We slept right by the sharks!!

The next day we had breakfast, packed up our beds, swam at Ocean Spa for a few hours, had delicious morning tea by the playground and visited the Rocky Shore for an amazing two hours of lifting rocks and noticing the wonderful sea life in our back yard. We had beautiful weather and needed to break out the sunscreen! Lunch was fish and chips or hot dog and chips and yummy baking and apples from our parents. We played on the playground until 2 pm and headed back to school, tired but very happy. We had managed to complete Year 3 Camp our very first camp at HNP!! Click on Year 3 Camp underlined above to view some of our adventures.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Cross Country

We had our first ever cross country at Anderson Park and it was great! Well done to everyone who competed on the day.
We even have some students who are representing our school at the Interschool cross country.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jigsaw puzzle of the world

When we had all the wet days in a row, Mrs Field put the map of the world jigsaw out for us to do. We worked together and completed it over a few days. It was hard because so many pieces were all blue for the sea. It was great fun. 

Calendar Art

Room 5 have used images of the sea and waves as our motivation for calendar art. Here is our art.
We are very proud of our strong lines, pastel smudging and colour blending.