Monday, November 17, 2014

Everyone at school

Here is Room 10 on the adventure playground in October 2014.

Room 10s celebration cake day

Mrs Field and Caitlin's mum, Carina, made a cake on Friday for our class. We were celebrating a good week of work and Mrs Field passing her Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher research work. We enjoyed banana cake and chocolate cake. Even Mr Gray managed to get a piece.

Room 10s plant experiments

We chose our groups for this experiment to see if bean plants can survive in different conditions. Some plants have sun and water but no food (soil). Some have water and soil but no sun. Others have soil and sun but no water. We learnt about setting up a fair test and having a control. Here's how they looked at the start of the experiment last Friday.

Brain food of various shapes and sizes

Hetty had a giant strawberry for brain food last week. It was the biggest we had ever seen!

Bug symmetry art

We have been learning about symmetry in a central vertical or horizontal line. Mrs Field wrote our name in old fashioned writing and we mirrored it with black crayon. When we added colour, we turned them into alien bug creatures. Can you guess the names?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We are learning about tessellations and have made some of our own with shapes.

The rules for tessellations are:
A pattern of identical shapes that must fit together without gaps.
The shapes should not overlap.

Have a look at our creations!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

We went to Te Mata mushroom farm on Brookvale Road

We all went to the  mushroom farm. We went in groups.  Evie, Florence and Tayla went together. The  next group was Claudia ,Tamsen and Olivia. The  next group was Caitlin, Hetty and Becs. The next group was Dylan ,Lucas and Laughlan. The next group was Alex and Kiera.  There were lots of adults who came to  help. We saw them making the compost by wetting the straw and mixing it with other things. Then they put it in a warm room to kill the bugs and make protein in it. This compost is mixed with mushroom spawn that they get from overseas. It gets packed into wooden growing trays. Then they start growing mushrooms. It takes 13 weeks from the start of mixing hay to throwing it all out for people's garden compost.

Our class got a mushroom each to eat or to take home yum! Some people did'nt eat them.

At  the  mushroom farm  my  group was Caitlin  Becs and me, Hetty.

At the mushroom farm there was a super cold room called the chiller room. They keep the mushrooms fresh there before they get sold. They get packaged in trays you can recycle. Some mushrooms get a Vitamin D zap. We had to go through the chiller in groups. Tayla, Florence and Hetty went in one group.


Mushroom farm

Martin showed us around the Te Mata Mushroom farm last Thursday. It was part of our trip about HOW LIVING THINGS GROW. He did a good job taking us around the
mushroom farm.
We enjoyed looking at the mushrooms growing in the sheds. We didn't know they double their size in 24 hours before we went on this trip!
By Alex and Caitlin


Daniel showed us around Oderings.We really enjoyed watching all of the machines.
They make their own new flowers every year with new colours.
We learned that if you give a plant a lot of water it will live for a longer time. They need sunshine and good soil too.
By Caitlin and Alex

Going to Oderings

Last week we went to Oderings. Daniel showed us around Oderings! We loved the machinery. Also we liked how we got to take a plant home. He's really good with his machines. He knows lots about his business.Thank you for the amazing trip. You have big piles of dirt and potting mix with fertiliser!

Trip to Oderings

When we went to Oderings we saw big machines that can put plants in pots. Then we walked past a machine that watered soil, puts seeds in the soil and mixed soil. Later we went outside to the green house and saw heaps of plants like petunias. After that we went into a shed with over 2000 plants in there! They grow SO many little plants and sell them. They have to go outside for a while to harden up before they sell them because the roots are still soft and can be damaged.

Trip to Oderings

Our class went to Oderings last week. We thought it was awesome seeing them sow all the seeds, and looking at all the machines. We liked choosing our own plant to take home. We went into the green house and saw different types of cool plants. A lady showed us how she pollinates the petunias, just like the bees do.


We went to Oderings Garden Centre on Thursday 23rd October.We saw these plants getting put into these cases by big machines.

These are pink and white ruffled petunias. They get their colours by rubbing the stamen together with another flower. This is cross pollination.