Sunday, May 11, 2014

Aquarium sleepover

Room 10 had the best time ever at the Aquarium for our sleepover. We had school on Monday then went home for afternoon tea. We came back to school at 4:15 and after roll call, we drove in cars to Napier. It was such a cool camp. We worked together to co-operate and learn together. We even got plenty of sleep in front of the sharks!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

House Colours dress up day

We had to wear our house colours on the last day of term. Here are the people who were at school on the last day in house groups.

Basketball with Clifton Bush Jnr from Basketball Hawkes Bay

Our first session to learn more basketball skills happened on Tuesday at the start of Term 2. We loved learning about dribbling with a live spider (an open curved hand using your finger tips), bouncing the ball from hip height down, keeping your eyes up when you are dribbling and dribbling using both our left and right hands. We think Clifton must be nearly as tall as Steven Adams!

Making gifts for Mother's Day

On Friday 9th May we made cards saying all the things our mums do that we like. We baked chocolate muffins using electric beaters. We read the recipe out and all helped put the ingredients in the bowl. After lunch we decorated them with icing, jelly beans, sprinkles and chocolate hail. Everyone cut out and made their own box to put the muffin in. It was really cool fun. Some people said it was the best day! Here are some of us doing these things.