Saturday, August 30, 2014

More FM car challenge

Room 10 were lucky enough to be chosen to be in the competition with More FM. They had to try and fit as many students in to the Ford Eco Sport as possible! We thought that would be easy when the record was set at 26! By the time we did it, the most was 48 (set by Onekawa school)! We used our maths problem solving about capacity and volume and managed to stack 45 students in on Thursday afternoon! We had practised squashing and stacking in class on the mat! We asked Room 9 to join us and a few helpers and family members from Bruno 's family. His Mum entered us in the competition and we have to wait until Monday to find out who wins the big prize!
THE PRIZE... A visit from the ALL BLACKS to our school! 
We hope we get drawn out from all the schools that took part. Thanks, Sophie for this exciting opportunity!
We had to work together and be considerate and helpful - all key competences we have been trying to improve! 
Have a look on More FM's Facebook page for photos of this event. They were loading our school's photos on Friday.
It was such a lot of fun. Lots of classes came out to watch us. We hope we get the All Blacks to our school!

Calendar Art for viewing

Room 10 have worked on primary and secondary colours to show the rainbow fish scales. Here are our examples. Each student could choose to have a hologram sparkly scale on their fish.  Some of our fish swim upside down! Order forms for calendar art will come home soon. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Inquiry research into Colour

Room 10 has been working on an inquiry theme about colour. Our inquiry led us to look at colours used in different countries' flags. We used our prior knowledge and wrote all the things we know about flags for the tuning in stage. Our questions raised some interesting points that we discussed and went on to research. It led to more wonderings and even MORE questions at the Finding Out stage. Next we sifted and sorted and made meaning of what we knew by focussing on the Football World Cup colours and flags. In this sorting out time, we had a mini football World Cup at school. Our class were  grouped into three different countries. This helped create new knowledge at the thinking deeper stage. We did a survey of 100 people and found out some people wanted to change N.Z. 's flag and some didn't want it changed. We interviewed Mrs Field's son, Sam, who represented N.Z. In the NZ Secondary Schools Under 15 Football team last year. His team went to Malaysia. His interview is getting uploaded soon.
We had a visit from Tayla's Dad who is part of the 2014 Waka Ama team in Rio, Brazil. You can read his ideas about the colours and symbols that are important to him in a separate post. This explaining part of our inquiry has helped us reflect on our own ideas. Our action is to write persuasive arguments for and against changing the flag and design our own flag for N.Z. We will present the best ones to Mr Craig Foss, our local Member of parliament. It has been a great inquiry. Our final action is to have a mini Commonwealth games day later this week. How is that for ACTION!

Oral Language in Room 10

Every wek we have a learning buddy to share our learning with, give feedback and begin our oral language sharing. We have got better at speaking clearly and giving information.

We do "DONUT news" and we sit in a big circle with a partner sitting opposite us on the inside. This makes a big outside circle and a smaller inside circle looking at each other. It looks a bit like a donut with a hole in the middle! Someone chooses the topic from the freely bag and announces it to the class. We rotate CLOCKWISE tour ANTI clockwise to work with three people each day? The freely bag person decides if it is the inside or outside circle and if it is clockwise or anticlockwise. 

Each week we change our buddy so we get to share with someone different. 
Here is our donut news happening and our learning buddy pictures.