Friday, August 21, 2015

Class inquiry at the MTG

When Room 5 visited the MTG in Napier, we found out lots of interesting things to do with books but it gave us more questions to investigate...
Here are some of the things we saw.
The education room had an awesome big screen and Gaynor Comley, our museum teacher educator, introduced us to the things we would see on our tour around the museum. First we watched a PowerPoint  presentation on the big screen. We went into the special library reading room where all the rare and very old books are kept. The other museum teacher educator, Jenny Wake, wore special white gloves to protect the pages of the books. We saw the smallest book, the oldest book in the Hawkes Bay and beautifully illustrated books. One book had pages made from linen.
The next room we entered was the archive room. It was all new and full of all their special museum pieces they use for displays. Everything was packaged, boxed and labelled carefully to protect it and store it. We saw piles of old newspapers in the roller shelves called Lundia Shelving.
We visited the First World War exhibition and completed a search for all kinds of books in the display areas.
After that we returned to the classroom and made our own book with a book plate designed by each individual.